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Letters of Recommendation

Hows and Whys of Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation from your teachers and others (coaches, club advisors, religious leaders etc.) are an important part of applications for colleges and universities, as well as for scholarship and/or job application. We want to tell the world how good a student you are, but there are some requirements.  

  • Make a face-to-face request at least 3 weeks before the recommendation due-date.  It is in your best interest to give recommenders the time necessary to write a good letter.


  • For ECHS staff recommenders, follow up the face-to-face request with one through your Naviance account (under the Colleges tab, find “colleges I am applying to”, and scroll down to Teacher Recommendations).  Add details in a short note to the teacher or counselor, reminding them of the program you need the letter for, and any deadlines.


  • Provide recommender a Brag Sheet. You can use the online Brag Sheet found under the About Me tab on your Naviance account, or pick up a paper copy in the Career Center. 


  • Provide recommenders with a copy of the request or paperwork from the university, college, scholarship, etc., so the recommender knows which direction their letter should take.


  • Letters should not be from someone related to you.


  • A hand written thank-you note to your recommenders is entirely appropriate and much appreciated!