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Mandy Langen-Kramp

About the ECHS Dance Department

The El Camino Dance Department offers a wide range of options for someone interested in dance. Dance I is designed for a beginning dancer and allows the students to explore a variety of dance genres including jazz, modern, contemporary, hip hop, musical theatre, lyrical and cultural dance. The students also learn how to choreograph and have ample opportunities to explore creative expression. Dance II is designed for an intermediate dancer. Members of Dance II participate in two dance shows in the year and are involved in the Homecoming Half-Time performance. Dance III is designed for advanced dancers with a strong technical and performance ability. Dance III is involved in many productions throughout the school year including football and basketball game performances, Homecoming Half-Time, as well producing a large scale dance production in the Spring. El Camino Dance Company (ECDC) is comprised of fourteen highly skilled dancers. ECDC rehearsals take place after school and those dancers are required to choreograph at least one dance and produce a dance show in January. 

About the instructor

Ms. Mandy Langen-Kramp began dancing when she saw her cousin perform in a ballet recital when Ms. Langen was six years old. She began ballet from the School of Classical Ballet in Vista, CA right after and from that moment never stopped dancing. She was introduced to choreography when she was a freshman at RBVHS and owes a huge "thank you" to her high school dance teacher Ms. Palmquist for allowing her to opportunity to both teach and choreograph when she was a high school student. That experience has stayed with her and she enjoys giving her current students some of the same opportunities and experiences she received from high school dance. She attended CSU Long Beach where she received a BA in Dance. After performing professionally in Los Angeles for two years, she moved back down to San Diego and join Mojalet Dance Collective (where she still is a active company member) and obtained her teaching credential from CSU San Marcos. She has taught choreography and dance to all age and skill levels throughout her career. She owes another huge "thank you" to her dance teacher mentor Barbara Noel from Santa Ana High School, whom she assisted for six years and who inspired her to follow this path. Ms. Langen was hired as the Dance Director at ECHS in 2004 and immediately the fit was perfect. She loves the ECHS Dance Program and the students who inspire her every day to become a better teacher and person.


ECHS Dance Show Hit The Lights 2017


Mandy Langen-Kramp Locker