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Youth Employment Opportunity Program serves "at risk" youth, age 15-25. The goal is to assist youth in achieving their educational and career goals, while providing them the tools they need to succeed. Register on the California Jobs website to contact a YEOP specialist and make an appointment.


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JobLaunch is the place where 16- to 24-year-olds come to find their next opportunity. It’s more than a job, it’s a new beginning. Search local jobs and learn tips for success.


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This site is for San Diego North County locals that want to find a closer job – so they can avoid daily commuting, and eliminate the insane monthly gas bills.


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Indeed is a comprehensive job search site. Note that many jobs on Indeed are aimed at older than high school age applicants.

Work Permits


Work Permit Application Forms available:



  • Applications must be completely filled out by the student, the employer, and signed by a parent before they can be processed by ECHS.
  • We cannot accept applications without the student’s Social Security Number.
  • We do not process applications for students that are not ECHS students—these students would need to contact the Educational Support Services office—Dora Jaramillo 760.966.7828.


Approving Work Permits:

  • Students can drop off a completed application to the Career Center or place in Ms. Caitlin Degrafft’s mailbox
  • Must allow at least 48 hours for the application to be processed
  • Only the Assistant Principal or the Principal may sign work permits
  • Schools are not required to approve work permits –it is a privilege for a student to be allowed to work while going to school.  School must come first.  Therefore our policy is to :
    • Verify SS# and birthdate of student 
    • Check discipline issues
    • Check attendance issues
      • –according to CA law, truant students cannot be issued a work permit
    • Check grades—should have at least a 2.0 GPA , no Ds or Fs. (AARC students must be approved by their counselor to work.)
  • If approved, the information is put into Aeries.  An “official” work permit is printed and signed by AP or the Principal.
  • Students can pick it up from the Career Center 
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA, no Ds or Fs, with satisfactory attendance & behavior or the permit may be revoked.  (students with low grades/GPA’s may be granted a permit, but are flagged and monitored each grading period)
  • Work permits expire at the end of each semester. 

Frequently Asked Questions—CA state law: State Law Website