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Morning Message


Good Morning Wildcats!


Your character is so important as it is the one thing about you that you have total and complete control over.  If other people in this world perceive you to have poor character, then you have nobody else to blame but yourself.  And while this is not necessarily a good thing, there is still a silver lining......YOU can change people's perception of YOU right now!  Today!!!  It starts now by choosing to always do the right thing!  Pretty soon, people's views of you will change and not to mention the new people that you meet in this life will always know you to have a high-quality character!  So do not waste any more time being viewed as someone who is untrustworthy or irresponsible.....Be the person that others can count on!  Wouldn't you desire someone who you can always count on??  Be that person!!!


PERRC UP WILDCATS!!!  Make it a great day, or not, the choice is always yours!  It simply depends upon your character....