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Thank you so much for your interest in observing a teacher at El Camino.  Please follow the protocol below to request observation hours with our teachers:

1) Contact teachers directly through our school website.  Teachers are listed by department.

2) When you email the teachers, make sure to send a courtesy copy to the administrator, Marie Higareda de Ochoa ( 

3) Include a scanned copy of your request on your school's letterhead.

4) Be very specific as to the responsibilities of the teacher (ie: signature only to verify attendance, written reports, etc).

5) Wait to hear from the teacher.


We look forward to having you visit our campus.



If you are inquiring about placement at an OUSD site through a credentialing program, please contact Kristin Garrison at our District Office at 760-966-7896.

Contact Lauren Antonio  Lauren Antonio English 10/ AP
Contact Jennifer Cerda  Jennifer Cerda English 10/ AP
Contact Chip Cohen  Chip Cohen English 9
Contact Devin Demerjian  Devin Demerjian English 10/ AVID
Contact Kathy Easterbrook  Kathy Easterbrook AP/ ERWC
Contact Stacy Hardcastle  Stacy Hardcastle English
Contact Kris Hawkins  Kris Hawkins English 10/ 11
Contact Michael Hobbs  Michael Hobbs English/ Head Football Coach
Contact Jeff Miller  Jeff Miller English 11/ AP LIT
Contact Kathleen Najmzadeh  Kathleen Najmzadeh ELD/ ALW
Contact Danielle Olsen  Danielle Olsen Theatre Director
Contact Michelle Owens  Michelle Owens English 9
Contact Bob Powell  Bob Powell English 9
Contact Melisa Rabaya  Melisa Rabaya English 10
Contact Lorraine Ramirez  Lorraine Ramirez Intervention/ELD
Contact Sharon Strong  Sharon Strong English 9/ Film
Contact Carrie Targhetta  Carrie Targhetta English 10/ AP English
Contact Milo Waits  Milo Waits ERWC
Contact Victoria Zdeb  Victoria Zdeb English
Contact Jill Zendejas  Jill Zendejas AVID
Contact Kristin Brown  Kristin Brown Math III
Contact Erin Fraser  Erin Fraser Teacher
Contact Scott Fraser  Scott Fraser Math III
Contact Isabelle Fried  Isabelle Fried Business Math/ Math I
Contact Gregory Guayante  Gregory Guayante Math I/ AP Calculus
Contact Nhan Huynh  Nhan Huynh Math II/ Analysis
Contact Tristan Kennedy  Tristan Kennedy Financial Algebra/ Math I
Contact Roger Michel  Roger Michel Math II
Contact Kim Normandy  Kim Normandy Math I/ II
Contact Stephen Roeder  Stephen Roeder Math II/ III
Contact Carma Sanchez  Carma Sanchez Math II
Contact Peggy Sellers  Peggy Sellers AP Stats/ Math III
Contact Anthony Wasano  Anthony Wasano Math I
Contact Mark Wilson  Mark Wilson Math II
Physical Education
Contact Maureen Ferrel  Maureen Ferrel Tennis/ PE
Contact Sean Helgesen  Sean Helgesen PE / Track/ Football
Contact Terri Kilpatrick  Terri Kilpatrick (760) 901-8169 Athletic Director/Body Dynamics
Contact Mandy Langen-Kramp  Mandy Langen-Kramp Dance
Contact John Matt  John Matt PE/ Track/ Skate
Contact Terra Sarnacki  Terra Sarnacki Cross Country/ PE
Contact Tom Tarantino  Tom Tarantino Basketball Coach/PE
Contact Mark Coates  Mark Coates ROTC Instructor
Contact Craig Raleigh  Craig Raleigh Senior Marine Instructor
Contact Armand Amoranto  Armand Amoranto Chemistry/Physics
Contact Sandy Bullard  Sandy Bullard Biology/ Physics
Contact Johnny Carter  Johnny Carter Physics/ Girls Swimming
Contact Christopher Dolnik  Christopher Dolnik Biology/ Chemistry
Contact Stephanie Gonzales  Stephanie Gonzales Biology/ Marine Bio
Contact George Griffin  George Griffin Anatomy/ Biology
Contact Michele King  Michele King Earth Science
Contact Mark Rauscher  Mark Rauscher Biology
Contact Todd Roerig  Todd Roerig Physics
Contact Brad Rubottom  Brad Rubottom Earth/ AP Environment
Contact Joanne Yan  Joanne Yan AP/ Biology
Social Science
Contact Nick Chambers  Nick Chambers Economics
Contact Lisa Esquivel  Lisa Esquivel AP GOVT/POL
Contact Joe Gonzales  Joe Gonzales Government
Contact Kris Hawkins  Kris Hawkins English 10/ 11
Contact Wildcat Jarrard  Wildcat Jarrard ASB/ W. History/ Publications
Contact Steven Jobst  Steven Jobst US/ World History
Contact Adam Leste  Adam Leste US History/ Psychology
Contact Matt Petersen  Matt Petersen AP US History
Contact Brian Robert  Brian Robert AP/ US History
Contact Scott Wing  Scott Wing AP World History
Special Education
Contact Jennifer Barnes  Jennifer Barnes Math
Contact Heather Broberg  Heather Broberg Science
Contact Toby Crone  Toby Crone English 9
Contact Cynthia Diekemper  Cynthia Diekemper Life Skills
Contact Jude Dreisbach  Jude Dreisbach English 10
Contact Tina Garrison  Tina Garrison English 11
Contact Tracy Gibba  Tracy Gibba Life Skills
Contact Veasna Keo  Veasna Keo English 10/ ASLC
Contact Anita Lish  Anita Lish Social Studies
Contact Sara Lyon  Sara Lyon Math
Contact Mark Nicholson  Mark Nicholson English 12
Contact Laurie Novella  Laurie Novella Speech-Language Pathologist
Contact Shannon Olsen  Shannon Olsen Life Skills
Contact Adam Olson  Adam Olson Social Studies/PE 9A
Contact Tracy Poplawski  Tracy Poplawski Math
Contact Alan Rawlins  Alan Rawlins Earth Science
Contact Teresa Vallete  Teresa Vallete Social Studies
Tech & Industrial Arts
Contact Andrea Cascia  Andrea Cascia Computer Applications
Contact Aaron Grable  Aaron Grable Computer Design
Contact Joshua Pianowski  Joshua Pianowski Auto Technology
Contact David Yendes  David Yendes Woodshop
Visual and Performing Arts
Contact George Bridgewater  George Bridgewater Choral Director
Contact Levi Casias  Levi Casias A.P. Studio Art 3-D and Ceramics
Contact Diego De La Luz  Diego De La Luz Art I/ AP Art History
Contact Daniel James  Daniel James Instrumental Music
Contact Heather Russ  Heather Russ Photography
Contact Marguerite Spooner  Marguerite Spooner Art
Contact Sharon Strong  Sharon Strong English 9/ Film
Contact Anika Victoria-Wong  Anika Victoria-Wong Art
World Language
Contact Derek Drago  Derek Drago Spanish
Contact Andrea Hakala  Andrea Hakala French
Contact Katherine James  Katherine James American Sign Language
Contact Michelle Marquez  Michelle Marquez French/ Spanish
Contact Devin Nelms  Devin Nelms Spanish III
Contact Ricardo Rios  Ricardo Rios Spanish Speakers
Contact Sra. Villasenor  Sra. Villasenor Spanish II