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ECHS Military Recruiters

 US Air Force  Jacob Thompson  760.722.4602   
 US Air Force  Dennis Viloria  760.722.8365  760.525.8983 
 US Air Force ROTC  Gabriella Marrufo    832.317.0533  
 US Air National Guard  Monica Roberts  858.514.5376  858.699.2292
 US Army  Dexter Ibitoye  760.722.1678  760.521.3390
 US Army  Jason Hipolito  760.722.1678  760.521.2846
 US Coast Guard Reserve    Adam Tucker  619.226.8222  
 US Marines  TBD      
 US National Guard  Alexandro Uroza  951.331.1554  
 US Navy  Patrick Guillermo  760.722.1231  619.838.0864
 US Navy  Justin Barnes  760.722.3221  







All U.S. military families have FREE, unlimited access to Military's online homework, tutoring and career services provided by the Department of Defense.

Simply go to Military Tutor select your military branch and follow the directions to get a password to access the service.

All military dependents- including National Guard and Reserve- are eligible for free online tutoring through There are over 40 courses to choose from (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, World Languages) including Test Prep (PSAT, SAT, and ACT).


Scholarships for military families- There are many scholarships offered exclusively to students who have parents or grandparents in the military. Access a list of some of these opportunities by

Scholarships for Military Family Website.


Children of Veterans can apply for financial student aid for college.  Contact the Veterans Administration for information on specific benefits you are qualified for, and how to apply for them.

VA form 22-5490 from Veteran Affairs can be accessed at 

Veteran Benefits Website


San Marcos Vet Center
1 Civic Center Dr., Suite 150, San Marcos, CA 92069
Phone: 855-898-6050 


Office of Veteran Affairs

3350 La Jolla Village Dr.  San Diego 

(858) 534-1680