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Destiny Discover -- Read eBooks Anywhere on Any Device

Click on the Destiny Discover image for downloading instructions to your device!!  Or, simply search for the Destiny Discover App from the device store. 

Destiny Discovery Logo

After you have downloaded the  Destiny Discover App, search for our high school, login with your student ID and 8 digit birthday, then search for books or check out an eBook on your device. It is easy as 1,2,3 after you have read the directions for downloading the specific app for your device.

Wildcat Library


The Wildcat Library has many resources to offer students, school staff and parents both in the library and online while also being accessible from home. 

Have fun checking out all the resources that are available on this website or come and say hello to the Wildcat Library Staff, since we are here for your information and research needs. 



How to Guides 

Want to explore your school's library catalog? Renew a library book?  Download the Destiny Discover App to your phone or eReader? Or simply find out what a student owes before registration or at the end of the year?  The how to guides below will help you learn how to utilize the various Destiny library catalog features:

Sign into Library Catalog Directions -- Find out What is on Your Account 

How to Renew Your Own Library Book Online 

Destiny Discover App Directions

How to Place a Hold on a Library Book

Wildcat Library hours

Library Hours  Monday, tuesday, Thursday and Friday 6 30 to 3 30 and Wed from 6 30 to 3 pm.

Peer tutoring is available to students after school Monday through Thursday. Peer tutors help students in all subjects and are members of the National Honor Society. 

The library is CLOSED after school the following days during the Spring Semester 2020:

1/28, 2/7, 2/14, 2/25, 3/17, 3/24, 4/3, 4/21, 5/1, 5/19

The library is not available to students after school during early release days.  The last day the library will be open after school is May 28th.

Library Staff (760) 901-8008
Contact Cheryl Swem  Cheryl Swem (760) 901-8008 Librarian Tech
Contact Mackenzie Weaver  Mackenzie Weaver (760) 901-8048 AV TECH/ Textbooks
Contact Jeanna Wersebe  Jeanna Wersebe (760) 901-8008 Librarian

Library Catalog

All login information is the same as if you were signing into a desktop computer at school:

Student ID and then your 8 digit birthday, which signs you into the Oceanside Rapid ID Portal


Click on the Destiny box 

Click on El Camino High School link

In the top right hand corner, click on log in


Destiny Discover Tab is on the left hand side


Click here for step by step directions on how to find out what items are owed

Click here to request a book

What should I read next