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Directions for Assignments

amendment, issue, and supreme court project

To help guide you with your project, click on the following images.


Resources, citation guidance, and suggestions to help with your research and presentation skills:

                       Supreme Court of the United States Logo

Example presentation:


Lawsuit from 1944

Click on the image below to access the example cover and reference page in APA format (make a copy of this document since you need to submit one for your project)


amendment format cover and reference

Your final submission should look like the example!! 


How to make a copy in Google Docs: 


Make a copy of Google Document


Click on the following links to access the Amendment and Issues assignment documents:


Amendment and Issues Grading Rubric

Amendment and Issues Content Musts


Click on the following links to access the Supreme Court Case assignment documents:


Supreme Court Grading Rubric

Supreme Court Case Content Musts


Email us if you have any questions and do not forget to submit your presentation through Google Classroom and have your APA cover and reference page printed:





Book Talk Synopsis for Rabaya

Please click on the images below to help you pick your next great read!


Find your next book

Book Synopsis



Library Resources -- Mrs. Esteban's Seniors

a library is full of new worlds to travel

Find the Right Book for Mr. Waits 11th Grade English

Click on the image below for the presentation

You should read this logo

Evaluating Information – Applying the "CRAAP" Test

Directions in sharing between the group for the Mock Trial Evidence Log (This only works if one person starts the process)

1. One member of the group signs into his/her school Google account 

2. Go to Google Drive

3. Click on this link for the Mock Trial Evidence Log 

4. In the top right-hand corner, click on the file

5. Then click on Make a Copy 

6. Rename your student copy with your period and the last names of each group member for example

Period 1 - Smith, Jones, and Doe

7. Go to the right-hand corner of the web page and click the share button

8. Have each member of the group type in their school Google email then click done, make sure you share with your teacher too! You can type in Demerjian or Hawkins and your teacher's name will appear.

9. After everyone has typed in their email then the document will appear in each student's Google Drive

10. Check your shared with me folder on the left-hand side if the document does not show up or check your Gmail account for the link


Remember to use Points of View Database from EBSCO for your research.  EBSCO can be accessed on the left-hand side of this web page if you click the Online Databases link or review the Google Slide Show Below


Evaluating Resources Wikipedia is not the answer


Websites Not To Use For Research


Evaluating Information – Applying the "CRAAP" Test


The CRAAP Test
Image Source


May the Code Be With You!

Try one of these fun tutorials and learn how to code.  No prior experience needed. First either watch the video intro with your headphones on or read the notes if the video player is too slow.  If you complete one tutorial, try another. Please remember to wear your headphones. 


Star Wars:    star wars

Minecraft:      Minecraft

Frozen:        Frozen

Angry Birds: Angry Birds

Java Script:  khan academy



If you would like more information after a class visit:  code website information



Top Paying jobs

Mrs. Hawkins Oral History Project


Click on the pictures to view the PowerPoint slides that have been presented during class.

The PowerPoint slides can help answer questions and are great reminders on how to use specific research tools or tips about conducting your interview. 

Oral History Word Logo


Clip Art Student interview


Important documents to look at and use throughout the project

  1.  Letter to present to the person that you are interviewing
  2.  Revised Research Project Timeline
  3.  Oral History Project Description and Learning Targets
  4.  Creating and asking Good Questions Guide
  5.  Narrative Outline for Essay
  6.  PowerPoint Presentation Example
  7.  Presentation Rubric - What Needs to Be in Your Presentation 

Recording your Interview -- You need to produce evidence that the interview took place.  Examples can include - journal notes, an audio recording or video recording.  The audio and video recording can help you also personalize your presentation. 


Find below an audio app that can be downloaded on your phone for free. Click on each App Store for the name and link. 


Download Apple App Store                      Google Play App

All students will create their newsletter through their school Google Account on Lucid Press (click on the picture below to access the website)


Lucid Press Logo 

  • Only one student needs to create the document and then share the document.
  • Once, shared all students will collaboratively work on the newsletter together.
  • After completion, only the student who first created the document will upload the finished product to Google Classroom.


Things to consider

  • The Editor in Chief should only use their school Google account (, while the other students can use their personal accounts due to the share settings. 
  • You are only given a specific amount of time.  Use your time wisely.  If you need additional time, the library is open before and after school. 
  • The layout and look should not take a large amount of time.  
  • Everyone should be reading each other's work and editing the entire newsletter.
  • Only 1 page will be graded for this assignment.
  • If the newsletter was shared with you, make sure you check your "shared with me" files or connect to your account through the email that was sent to you.
  • Finished product needs to be downloaded and then uploaded to your Google Drive, then submitted to be graded through Google Classroom.

Please follow the attached rubric for guidance on how your project will be graded (click on the picture below):

Rubric Task Logo

Mr. James' Jazz Research Project

** Click on the picture below to access directions and various links to help with your research project

jazz research project