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OUSD Schedule Change Policy

Schedule and Class Change Policy

Teacher/Period Change - Teacher/Period change requests cannot be accommodated


Elective Class Change - Students may request an elective class change before the start of the school year. Parent permission is required. The deadline to request an elective class change is the Thursday before the first day of school.


Level Change - Students may request to change a class level with parent permission before the 20th day of the school year. Teachers may also recommend a placement level change during this time. 


Once school begins, changes will only be made for the following reasons. 

  • The student has passed the class with C or better

  • The student did not meet the requirements for enrollment in the class

  • The student needs different courses to meet graduation requirements

Note: Any class change made after the 20th day of the semester may result in a "W/F" mark in the course.