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School Counseling: Socio-Emotional Support Services

(Referrals made directly or through Counselors):

Wellness Together

Mental Health services at ECHS that provide individual counseling meetings in conjunction with family engagement meetings

ECHS School Counseling Groups

  1. Grief Group – For students who have experienced the loss of a loved one.
  2. Alateen – For students who are affected by alcoholism or drug abuse in a family member or friend.

ECHS Clubs with School Counseling Support

  1. GSA Pride Empowering Equality - For LGBTQ+ students, their friends and siblings.
  2. NAMI On Campus 

North County Lifeline – Offices in Vista (760-726-4900) and Oceanside (760-757-0118)

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Groups – anger management, decision making, substance abuse, life skills
  • Gang prevention and intervention
  • Psychiatric mental health issues
  • Family support services

PASS – Promoting Achievement and Student Success (on campus)

Mentors who work with students according to this criteria:

  • Students below basic in one or more core class and:
    • Unresponsive or disengaged
    • Showing signs of gang culture or negative behavior
    • Defiant, acting out, suspensions
    • Attendance issues

UPAC – Union of Pan Asian Communities (on campus)

Through a County of San Diego grant, they provide therapy for students and their families. The criteria are Medi-Cal or no insurance. Services are provided at school, and in the home.